Colour psychology is a significant aspect of modern interior design. In essence, it is about creating a space which both reflects your business and values to visitors, plus evokes a positive, inspiring atmosphere for all who work in it. What does this mean for your office refurbishment or fit out? Does this spell the end of battleship grey, bland beige and stark white offices ? 

Aim for balance.

Because colour is subjective, it is useful to look to research and colour psychology for a helpful steer.

First off, research in the US discovered that overwhelmingly grey, beige and white offices induced feelings of depression notably in women. Whereas men felt uninspired by overpoweringly purple and orange workspaces.

Ideally, a colour palette which doesn’t overwhelm, and which balances the whole look and feel of an office space, can have the best results.

It makes sense, then, to pick your colour palette wisely… But which colours work best, and where?

An inspiration of colour.

Which key colours inspire? Of course, you need not limit yourself to one shade. There is nothing stopping you from creating colour-coded areas – some to promote calmness, others to stimulate creative thinking.

Drawing from nature, classic blues and greens are perennial favourites. Blue is known for its soothing properties, as well as its association with authority. Ideal for conference rooms or where staff need to focus, it’s considered to be the most productive colour.

Green, meanwhile, is a restful hue which in turn helps to stimulate thinking. Soft on the eye, green prevents eye fatigue. A good excuse to invoke your inner mother nature in the office! Jades and emeralds can be glorious…
Red is not for the faint hearted. Bold and brash, it will certainly stimulate the heart rate! Rather than paint entire rooms with this colour of passion, a splash of red furniture with a neutral backdrop can offer a rich, sumptuous look.

Sunshine yellow, on the other hand, is the colour of optimism… But it can also drain your eyes if overused. A splash of mellow yellow in the right place can make an office feel warm and wonderful..

The power of art.

Soft neutrals essentially offer a blank canvas. By adding accents of vibrant colours, you can transform your London office environment into a productive, stimulating space.

Let’s not forget the power of art. Add some fabulous wall art or funky lighting to re-energise a once tired space without excessive spend.

Wall art can, of course, feature anything from abstract images or contemporary paintings to striking photographs and even murals.

Ideally, colour should be considered as part of the intrinsic office design from the start – not a bolt-on at the last minute.


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