Inspiring educational spaces can change the way we teach and learn. As an established fact we know the use and importance of a place where the environment is optimum to maximize our outputs. We at Featherwood Furniture Pvt. Ltd. are focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring active learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators.

Using an insight-led approach, we design solutions for the many spaces learning happens, from classrooms and libraries to in-between spaces and cafes. We have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can love. Education as an institution has helped all of us be the best version of ourselves…we know how to create and evolve our beings and be of use for the greater good. All of us in our small tiny ways help global upliftment, we try to provide the younger generation with the things that we loved and the things we wanted and providing the best quality of furniture is just a small step towards change and being a good provider for the immediate future.

We are your one stop solution for educational furniture manufacturing, supplying and whole selling for your furniture for school, colleges and institutes and believe in growth for you and for us. At Featherwood Furniture Pvt. Ltd. we work closely with college and university leaders to use places as an asset to address an institution’s mission. Our problem-solving, research-driven approach has led us to knowledge and insights that keep us in tune with the needs of education leaders. The solutions we present consider today’s pedagogy and create learning spaces that accommodate change, innovation, and evolution.

We believe each of our products have their own soul, A soul to connect with yours, to compliment and fulfill your universe and to make you feel warm and strive to achieve that in every effort of ours. With a history of studying how people fit and function within their environment, Our designers have understood the importance of healthy movement. Our products possess ergonomic capabilities so people can teach and learn more productively, more naturally, across a wide-variety of activities, studies, and more.

As education— its faculty, students, methods, and environments —becomes more collaborative, it is important that we remain mindful of the need to support a diversity of teaching and learning styles. At Featherwood, we believe each space must serve students and administrators, as needed. That’s why our portfolio of integrated products purposefully offers the variety needed to enhance environments within higher education. We have been the leaders in the industry for a long time and we understand the responsibility of it and are more than happy to let you be an integral part of it and hope that you allow us to be yours.

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